SME culture in Oman

Do you think there is need for more SMEs in the country?

Mohammed al Amre


Yes. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will help in Oman’s development and employ youth taking advantage of their capabilities and skills.


Zaid al Zaidi


Yes, there is, as it will reduce dependence on the public sector for employment. SMEs will create more opportunities in the private sector.


Mohammed al Badaei

HR specialist

Definitely. SMEs are the only way to create sustainability in the country. They are also important because we need more Omanis specialising in a number of fields.


Hamza al Lawati


More SMEs will boost the country’s economy. SMEs are the best solution against recession-like situations. They also help in diversifying a country’s choice for products and services.


Luigi Leccese

Senior solutions engineer

I think Oman definitely needs more SMEs as they will give Omanis a chance to work in varied fields. SMEs are the best places to learn as sometimes while working in a large firm, one isn’t much involved overall.



Do you think enough financial support is provided to SMEs in Oman? What more do you think can be done?

Umaima Ali al Balushi


I don’t think SMEs get enough support. The government funding for my sister’s project was not enough. Business plans are not discussed by government agencies. Besides just providing the capital for an idea, the government should make an effort to analyse factors like a proposed project’s feasibility and its survival against competition.


Muhammad al Bahri


Not really. We need more financial facilities as well as guidance on how to strategically and effectively manage SMEs. I believe more can be done to boost partnership between SMEs and big companies to create more opportunities for economic development.


Nasir al Khaldi

Medical officer

Monetary support is important for a business to succeed. I think the government should come forward with more help. Support from other financial institutions is also needed. Our people lack this support. I have seen many businesses being set up and eventually fail for the lack of help.


Mustafa al Mamari

Customer service executive

Financial support by Oman Development Bank is not enough. Only 80 per cent of the loan amount is sanctioned. Entrepreneurs should be given financial cover in case their business fails. Currently, it seems that the bank only cares about its returns. Also, the government can provide consultative support to entrepreneurs.


Mahmood al Saleh

Telecom engineer

I think there is sufficient financial help for SMEs. If we do it right, the country can begin exporting in future. Setting up SMEs is not easy. What the government needs to do on its part besides financing projects is help decide on locations of small businesses so that they aren’t concentrated in one particular area, but spread out to benefit everyone.



Do you think that Omanis will be interested to work in SMEs? according to you What other policies should be given importance by the Government ?

Yousuf al Jabri


Yes, Omanis are wise and ready to work in any field and most of them will be able to meet the demands of SMEs. They should be given more help by the government and also moral support.


Nassir Salim

Operations officer

They will be. Omanis need to be given more support in planning and implementing their projects. Help from experts on devising a good business strategy will benefit them immensely. A good business will definitely attract employees.


Salha Abdullah Naser


Many Omanis will be interested to work in SMEs, given a chance and a conducive environment. In the past, doing business in Oman was not easy due to time-consuming procedures. But now there is commitment from the government.


Khalid al Hassani


Why won’t they be? However, if the government wants the youth to be interested in SMEs, it should work to lift barriers like complicated procedures and stringent conditions. While other policies have been taken care relatively well by the government, the one on boosting the SMEs sector has to be a sustainable one.


Fathi al Abri

Community initiative coordinator

I think they will be interested, looking at the measures the government has initiated for this sector. The youth should take advantage of them while the government should create a culture of partnership and provide fund sourcing for SMEs, entrepreneurship training and education.



Do you think more women should be encouraged to become entrepreneurs?

Khalid al Noobi


Yes, I think there is a need for more involvement of women in business because of the capacities they have. Women do not have presence in the business sector. I also feel that besides encouraging women entrepreneurship, women-oriented projects should be supported.


Ross McKenzie

Aircraft engineer

Yes, I believe that more women should be encouraged to venture into businesses because it still is a male-dominated sector. I personally would like to see more women doing business. This will be encouraging for Oman and for society in general.


Hamid al Noobi



I think that training them to conduct businesses before involving them in a venture is more important than giving them financial support. While running a business, they turn into producers from consumers and they need to know the basics.


Kripal Sasiharan


Yes, I think this encouragement is needed. I can see that through articles in the media, the encouragement has begun. This will open doors for women who are skilled and enterprising but do not have the right opportunities or support. Oman gives its women immense opportunities.


Hamid al Murjan


Women should participate in all spheres of society. In Oman, women are already being given a lot of opportunities and are well integrated, be it in business or employment. Whatever more they get will be a plus. I am for encouraging those women who really have entrepreneurial abilities. Otherwise, they should leave it for young Omani men.

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