Letters to the Editor: Schools are doing a great job promoting recycling culture

(Muscat Daily, May 17, page 15)

This refers to the article titled, ‘ISM’s recycling and eco-awareness initiatives’. Muscat Daily’s recycling awareness campaign is drawing good attention.

The participation of the schools in this green initiative makes the drive more relevant. Children should have a cost-conscious approach and be vigilant when using paper. They should know when to reuse or recycle in a structured way to reduce impact on environment.

Therefore, saving every single sheet of paper is part of our commitment to safeguarding the environment. It is a general tendency to throw used papers straight into waste bins and then in dumping yards. A key global observation is that there is lack of awareness regarding reuse of papers in offices and commercial establishments.

There should be provisions in offices for the safe keeping of single-sided papers next to copy machines so that they can be collected and recycled to use for various other purposes. Deforestation is the result of wasting paper and unless people are aware about this fact, the results may not be that promising.

Recycling is also an art and saving every single sheet of paper shows our commitment to safeguarding the environment. Businesses should encourage employees to use papers that are printed only on one side. In this regard, the schools in Oman are setting a good example and that can definitely make a difference, as such initiatives should obviously begin from a healthy learning environment.

Muscat Daily has been driving the recycling campaign for a very long time. Instilling such an initiative in the minds of younger generation can hopefully reward suitably and to consider as a proactive approach to widening the concept of recycling.

Ramachandran Nair Via email

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