Letter to the editor: Illegal billboards are an eyesore 

(Muscat Daily, October 31, page 4)

I think this clean-up campaign is a good move. The illegal billboards for flat for rent, accommodation available are mostly put up for personal purposes.

Such hoardings are an eyesore in the residential areas. One can also see stickers pasted on doors, walls, window glasses and even on the entrance doors of private properties.

The owners must comply with the laws before placing such signboards. Also, those putting such billboards must take the approval of the Muscat Municipality. Such boards harbour illegal trade. The government should first give warning and then impose penalties for not following the guidelines.

The number of billboards in the city can only be reduced with by imposing laws strictly. Also, people should verify the source before trusting information given on such boards and also report any unauthorised activity.

Athira R Nair
Via email

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