Emotional Intelligence - A Phenomenon towards Self Development

In current scenario most of the individuals are trying hard to achieve success and be labeled in the category of successful people, however it’s not so simple to be successful as the challenges and threats are increasing in many folds, than it was in the past few decades. 

One of the biggest challenges in the era of globalization is getting right people to work, as people differ in their abilities, perception, responsiveness and their degree of commitment. Using emotional intelligence as a tool may result in the success of a person.

The Term “Emotional Intelligence initially was used  by Michael Beldoch in the year 1964,  however it got more popularity after the book  of Daniel Goleman published in the year 1995. After which good number of researchers advocated the idea of success in life, which does not depends on the mental intelligence rather on person’s emotional intelligence.

“Emotional intelligence (EI) is responsible for the administration and management of the emotions, guidance and control of emotions of the individual which would promote the mental and emotional health.” EI helps an individual in understanding the emotions of others and helps in achieving their goals. High EI results in better social relations with children as well as adults. EI helps in the creation of better family relationships and in gaining higher academic achievements. Individuals with high emotional intelligence have good negotiation skills and they have better social relations at work. Often people with high EI have low levels of insecurity and high life satisfaction. Emotional intelligence is very crucial for academician who deal with students and needs lot of interaction with them, managing interpersonal relationships with the students and being an effective communicator.

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Abstract Model -Adapted from Daniel Goleman’s EI Model

Emotional Intelligence helps in developing good human relationships with others such as family members, friends, colleagues, peers and good relationship with students in case of academicians or business relationships while dealing with clients. EI also influence people to change themselves for better and able to understand themselves (Self Awareness), take responsibility in reforming troubled relations and it will help people to great extent by changing themselves first instead of waiting for the others to change. 

 Emotional intelligence skills helps in understanding others in a better manner (Empathy), EI helps in dealing with people in an empathetic manner and to understand different perspective of different people around them. When we understand others we will be more able to know their strengths and weaknesses accordingly.

Emotional intelligence helps to have a clear and better understanding about one self and aids in fixing the issues and rectify the imbalances. When we have control on ourselves, then surely we will be able to manage things in a more pragmatic manner (Self Management), so EI has the ability to change oneself for good reasons. Self management plays a crucial role in the success of a person; it helps in motivating oneself and also helps brain with new ideas and positive thinking.

We often do not know what we want then we complain that others do not understand us, because we do not actually understand others and expect other to know our emotions towards them. We need to understand not only ourselves but also others, and then only we can connect and have effective relationship (Social Awareness). EI emphasizes on the social awareness as one of the significant step towards the success and happiness, it all depends on how much one can understand the people surrounded by and having a good rapport with them could be a key factor in being happy and content.


Syed Aulia

Asst. Professor Department of Management Waljat College of Applied Sciences in academic partnership with Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India

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