A tribute to a visionary

40th Day of the death of Mohsin bin Haider Darwish

In the name of Allah, the merciful and most gracious.

I hesitated a lot before I wrote about the departure of one of the prominent figures of our beloved country, a figure that loved the homeland to the fullest and preferred to stay on its soil in spite of the harshness of life before the Blessed Renaissance led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The hesitation to highlight the virtues of late Mohsin bin Haider Darwish came from the fact that his works, efforts and positive and fruitful initiatives in supporting the development of the Omani national economy are visible and clear for the people of this benevolent country as he established, with his dedication and true efforts, numerous successful and influential economic establishments in the field of finance and economy.

He was granted the highest honour of His Majesty the Sultan by choosing him for the membership of the highest legislative, executive and economic bodies, councils and committees, most notably the membership of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank of Oman in recognition of his abilities and efforts in the field of finance and economy.

He had a distinctive influence in all the positions and posts he held, however, he preferred to devote himself to managing his leading business establishments for the benefit and good of Oman and its good people until these establishments had their names and a fingerprint that cannot be overlooked in all paths of the land of Oman.

Mohsin Haider Darwish was a loyal, loving and devout man with loyalty and love for Oman.

His departure was a sad loss to the people of Oman. Therefore, the masses along with his family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, those who know his virtues, took part in his funeral, accompanying his body to its final resting place in a sad and solemn procession which Muscat has not seen for a long time.

We are grateful that his giant and successful economic establishments will be taken care of by his descendants, who have enjoyed his vast experience and virtuous morals. They will continue to pursue the same approach and path and will continue to support Oman’s economy, a generation after another.

We pray to Allah to bestow upon him mercy and paradise.

Oh Allah, make his grave a garden of the paradise and give his family patience and solace.

Majeed Abdullah Alasfoor, CEO of Alasfoor Trading

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