Using cellphones while driving ups accident risk by 400%: ROP

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Motorists using mobile phones while driving face a 400 per cent higher risk of accidents as their reaction time significantly slows down, the ROP has said.

“Driving while using a mobile phone is equivalent to driving under the influence of alcohol and intoxicants,” an ROP official said.

“The reaction speed of those talking on mobile phones while driving is 30 per cent less as compared to someone driving while drunk. Even if the motorist is using a headset to talk on the cellphone, the risk of an accident rises by 400 per cent,” the official said.

“It has been proved that using a mobile phone while driving causes accidents. Sending or reading SMS distracts drivers and makes them lose focus. They need to avoid this and if they must, they should stop at a safe place.

“Some drive through even when the traffic signal shows red as they are too busy on their phones.” He said that mobile phones have become a necessity as they offer several advantages as far as communication is concerned. “However, people must use them with caution when they are driving.”

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