Traffic Safety Expo 2012 to begin on October 16

Muscat - 

The Traffic Safety Expo 2012 is all set to take place from October 16 to 18 at the Oman International Exhibition Centre.

The expo is being organised by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions (OITE), in coordination with ROP, stated a press release.

The rising rate of accidents in the country has led to initiatives not just from the public sector but from the private sector and non government organisations (NGOs).

This includes the setting up of two organisations dedicated to bringing about traffic safety in the country.

The Traffic Safety Institute came into being marking the 35th National Day of the country, a gift from Petroleum Development of Oman to ROP.

The institute focuses on changing the driving habits of current drivers rather than that of learners.

The Oman Road Safety Association came into being in 2010 and is registered under the Ministry of Social Development.

With the aim of promoting public awareness for road safety among the community, the NGO is taking the promotion of road safety to an international level with the Global Road Safety campaign.

“The year 2012 ushers in new initiatives from the public sector, private sector and NGOs but what is really missing is public participation.

“The public needs to be involved in making Oman’s roads safe and accident free. This year at the traffic safety expo we invite the public to wake up to road safety and start living the dream of making Oman’s roads safe,” said Alawi Almurazza, a representative from Traffic Safety Expo 2012, OITE.

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