State Council discusses draft laws on commercial companies, drones

Muscat - 

The State Council on Tuesday discussed the Draft Commercial Companies Law at its sixth meeting for the third annual session of the sixth period under the chairmanship of H E Dr Yahya bin Mahfoud al Mantheri.

A press release stated the meeting hosted Hon Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Harthy, head of the Economic committee and Hon Saif bin Ali al Amiri, for discussing the report of the committee on the draft law on commercial companies transferred from the Council of Ministers.

The State Council chairman expressed his thanks and appreciation to the committee for its efforts exerted in studying the report.

The council members discussed the report and agreed to present it at the next plenary meeting of the council.

The bureau also discussed the proposal submitted by the Legal committee on ‘The study of land laws in the sultanate’.

The bureau also hosted Hon Abdul Qadir bin Salim al Dhahab, head of the Legal committee for discussing the study proposal.

The bureau members considered a number of proposals submitted by honourable members, including a proposal by the working group on the draft law on the regulation of small drones, and discussed the proposal for special training services.

The bureau discussed the agenda for the fifth and sixth regular sessions of the third annual session of the sixth session, to be held on March 20 and 21. It was also briefed on a series of reports received from various entities.

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