State Council committee discusses draft budget

Muscat - 

The Expanded Economic Committee at the State Council on Wednesday discussed the draft general budget for 2018. The draft had been referred by the Majlis A’Shura after approval at its fifth regular session of the third annual session of the eighth period.

The Expanded Economic Committee comprises members of the Economic Committee and the heads of the Standing Committees of the council and chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Harthy, head of the Economic Committee.

The committee appreciated the efforts made by the government in preparation of the draft budget, taking into account the challenges faced in the pursuit of economic and social objectives as part of the ninth Five-Year Development Plan in its third year.

The Expanded Economic Committee has decided to forward the draft budget to the next regular session of the council for further discussions, before forwarding it to the Council of Ministers along with the recommendations of the two councils in accordance with Article 58 bis (40) of the Basic Statute of the State.

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