SQU conducts Academic Integrity workshop

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The Risk Management Office (RMO) in collaboration with the College of Science and the Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS) at Sultan Qaboos University conducted a workshop on Academic Integrity on February 20.

The opening of the workshop was held under the patronage of Dr Hussain Ali al Kharousi, dean of Admissions and Registration. Delivering his welcome address, Dr Salim al Harthi, director of RMO introduced the topic of the workshop and briefed about the workshop's objectives and the use of 'Turnitin' software. The workshop was divided into theoretical sessions and practical sessions.

The first theoretical session entitled 'Academic integrity an overview' was delivered by Robert McMullin, assistant professor at the the Centre for Preparatory Studies, SQU. Prof Lamk al Lamki from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences introduced the topic 'Ethics and Misconduct in Scientific Publications in SQU'. This was followed by a panel discussion led by Prof Samir al Adawi, Prof Lamki and Dr Harthi about the implementation of the Academic Integrity system in SQU, role of students, faculty and administrators to enhance the culture of academic integrity in SQU and the need for implementing student and staff misconduct policy in improving academic integrity.

Later, the practical session covered topics such as utilisation of the existing 'Turnitin' technology in SQU, tips for tutors while using the 'Turnitin' technology, remedial measures and imparting a culture of accountability and integrity in SQU etc. The practical session of the workshop was led by Robert Mullin, Dr Huda al Amri and Wasila al Busaidi from the College of Science at SQU and they demonstrated the 'Turnitin' technology applications, handling of software, data entry etc.

A number of participants including the staff and students from all the SQU colleges and units participated in the workshop. The workshop was useful to have knowledge on plagiarism. Dr Harthi said that the support from Center for Preparatory Studies and the College of Science in organising the workshop is laudable and this would help the RMO render similar workshops in future. He added, “The Risk Management Office is committed and will continue to strive and conduct many more events related to risk management in the upcoming days.”

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