ROP news: Two arrested for stealing bank card of disabled woman, drawing RO630 in Buraimi

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The Buraimi police arrested two persons on charges of stealing a bank card and using it to draw money with it.

A police official said that one of the accused, an Omani citizen, stole the bank card from a disabled woman and withdrew RO630 from an ATM machine in the Buraimi Industrial Area.

Police first caught the owner of the vehicle that was used at the time of drawing the money from the ATM based on investigations by a special team. Subsequently, the Omani was also held. Both the accused have been taken into custody.
The case has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

23 Labour Law violators arrested in Suwaiq

Officials from the North Batinah Police Command arrested a number of labour law violators attempting to flee the country by sea.

An ROP official said that the coast guard stopped a boat coming from an Asian country before reaching the Al Bid'ah area beach in Suwaiq. The attempt was foiled when police was patrolling the area on the beach and arrested 23 Labour Law violators.

In another case, the ROP coast guard helped a commercial boat with three Asians stranded near an island in Musandam. The boat was towed to Khasab port. The ROP coast guard also helped an Omani stranded off the coast of Barka.

The boat was found near the Damaniyat Islands.

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