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Two arrested in Muscat for stealing from vehicle

An ROP patrol unit in Muscat governorate has arrested two citizens for stealing money from a vehicle.

The Al Khoud police station received a call from the vehicle’s owner, a citizen from Seeb, saying that windows of his vehicle had been smashed and a bag containing money, ATM cards and personal documents, had been stolen from it.

The Directorate General of Criminal Inquiries and Investigations launched a search and the offenders were arrested by the civil patrol.


Oman's police holds maritime piracy investigation course

The ROP's Directorate General of Human Resources, in collaboration with Interpol Muscat, and the Directorate General of Inquiries and Criminal Investigations, last week organised a course on investigation of maritime piracy cases. Participants were briefed on piracy crimes, their mechanisms and methods of investigation.

The course also explained to participants international legal issues, ways to utilise Interpol tools, and modern techniques of questioning suspects. Oman is considered a key partner of the Interpol in the fight against maritime piracy.

At the end of the course, Brigadier General Jamal bin Nasib al Shanfari, the director general of operations at ROP, distributed certificates to the participants and urged the officers to utilise the knowledge they have gained from the course.


Lectures on road safety held at Oman's schools

The Directorate General of Traffic in Dakhliyah governorate recently held three awareness lectures at several schools in the wilayat of Nizwa. The lectures included visual presentations for students and focused on prevention of road accidents.

The correct way of boarding a bus was also shown. Teaching and administrative staff at the school also attended.


Fire safety drill in industrial estate in Oman

The Directorate General of Civil Defence in Oman's Dakhliyah governorate, in collaboration with Nizwa Police Station, recently held a fire safety and evacuation drill at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles in Nizwa Industrial Estate.

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