Polish delegation visits Ithraa

Muscat - 

Dr Salem ben Nasser al Ismaily, chairman of Ithraa, welcomed Polish senators Jan Maria Jackowski, Michal Sewerynski and Kazimierz Kleina, on Wednesday. The Polish delegation aims to promote and develop parliamentary relations between the sultanate’s State Council and the Polish Senate, stated a press release.

With a population of 38.5mn, Poland has the largest economy in Central Europe. Since joining the European Union (EU) in 2004, the country’s ambitions have been marked by the desire to rapidly catch up with the core of the EU in terms of economic growth and living standards. Today, the country is highly ranked and carries low investment risk. Its attractiveness is attributed to a large domestic market, a competitive and well-educated labour force, political and economic stability as well as membership of the EU.

The high-level Polish visit is testament to Oman’s interest in developing further co-operation and trade with Poland and the economies of Central Europe. Ithraa’s chairman said, “We are here to encourage and support two-way trade and investment. “More companies from Poland are welcome to invest in Oman, particularly in technology, manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy, agriculture, mining and tourism. Ithraa is fully committed to helping strengthen and facilitate mutually beneficial business ties with Poland.”

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