Payyanur Fest 2017 held at Al Falaj auditorium last week

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Payyanur Fest 2017 was held at the Al Falaj indoor auditorium on the April 7.

It was inaugurated by Neelu Rohra, second secretary, Community Welfare, Indian Embassy. Payyanur Souhruda Vedi Muscat (PSV Muscat) president Babu Puravankara, general secretary Mohanan Kodakad, theatre director Manjulan, T Bhaskaran, convenor, Malyalam wing, PSV treasurer C V Raghunath addressed the crowd.

The programme started with a classical dance by Khajuraho Festival veteran Sneha Omnath followed by a classical group dance by Arathi Hari and her team, cinematic dance by RDA team and film songs by a group of Payyanur artists.

For the first time, Muscat residents also experienced something that has not been seen before.

Manjulan‘s play ‘Mazhappattu’ was indeed a visual treat for the audience. Using the latest technology, a 3D effect could be brought into reflecting folk arts with a blend of contemporary ideas and symbolism. The play literally mesmerised the audience and took them on a  nostalgic trip which will remain in their memories as an unforgettable experience.

This experimental drama was played under the phenomenal direction of famous Theatre personality and film actor Manjulan organised by PSV. 

The theme depicts a story of lazy husband ‘Kanthan’ and his hard-working wife ‘Kantha’ who finds it difficult to make a living with the unsupportive husband and even struggles to fix her dilapidated hut to protect them from the seasonal rains.

Seasons, day and nights were displayed like real with the help of modern technology and different from the contemporary dramas with special lights, said Manjulan. The music was done  exclusively for this drama.

The talented artistes are all members of PSV Muscat. Manjulan said that plans are on to  present this drama in Sohar and Sur. 

Manjulan has directed 20 plays and bagged the best director award twice as well as the Kerala state award for best actor. He has also acted in many Malayalam films.

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