PDO, Bauer prove wastewater from oil production to be suitable for agriculture

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As the first country worldwide, Oman uses a trailblazing technology applied by PDO through Bauer Nimr to clean polluted wastewater (produced water) from the oil production in constructed wetlands. In the oilfield of Nimr, 115,000 m3 of wastewater is treated daily.

Research projects were initiated by the creator and owner of the project, PDO, and its wastewater specialist Bauer Nimr to elaborate on the usability of the effluent water as irrigation water for non-food related agriculture. Together, and with the kind acknowledgement by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as well as Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, being partly subsidised by ‘Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG’, significant results have been achieved.

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Ernst Grissemann, CEO of Bauer Nimr

Initially, 13 salt-tolerant crops have been planted and monitored for growth and evaluated for commercial value by scientists and specialists. After hard work and intensive research, results show that potentially, some particular plant species can grow on an industrial scale while being irrigated with treated wastewater from oil production and their products can be sold successfully.

“Having in mind that the oil and gas industry still plays the major role in the sultanate’s economy and a huge volume of produced water is generated daily by extracting crude oil, this opportunity will be an intangible opportunity for the country’s agriculture and small and medium businesses. Together with PDO the idea to create ‘biosaline agriculture’ will add true in-country value and proves one industry being paramount to a further diversified economic development,” said Ernst Grissemann, CEO of Bauer Nimr.

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