Onstage International is on the hunt for the next batch of Arabic TV presenters

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Onstage International is looking for the next batch of top Arabic TV presenters across the GCC & Middle East region for an International TV channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Onstage International is proud to announce they are heading the recruitment drive of over 20 TV presenters for the new channel.

The position is based out of Dubai Studio City and commences in July 2018 whereby a 3 months paid intensive TV/Speech training begins, a one of a kind opportunity for male and female talent who is fluent in Arabic, extremely charismatic and are natural speakers to be refined.

Everyone who fits the criteria, if not based out of Dubai, willing to relocate is welcome to apply, an opportunity for all, experienced or not, but ideally having a background in radio and being a natural in front of the camera will help with your chances to win over the directors of the channel.

In announcing the new project for Onstage International, Shereen Mitwalli, Head of the Agency and International Presenter commented:

“This is an incredible opportunity for someone who has dreamt of being on TV or the ones who have this natural talent but unfortunately have not had the chance to be discovered - this is it!  We will be scouting for talented people from across the Middle East and GCC region and for a change - experience is not a must.    It makes me incredibly happy and proud that we’ll be giving the opportunity to over 20 to fulfil a dream of a new career in the TV industry which will open many doors for them in the future”.  

Nada Nechadi, Project leader at Onstage International adds:

“The Middle East and GCC region is full of talented people that are waiting to be discovered.   This is an amazing opportunity for the public to get given this chance, not to forget the 3 months paid training which will be provided to the selected talents by the International TV channel,  an opportunity which is barely seen in the region.   We at Onstage International are very excited to be part of this project and we look forward to seeing the many applicants coming through”.

This opportunity is perfect for Arabic speakers in the region seeking an opportunity to get real TV training and exposure.  

Participants will need to fill the form available on Onstage International’s website with their basic information and answer questions to assess their suitability.  They will also be required to upload a profile picture and video.  

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