Oman’s media needs to mature: H E Dr Rumhi

Muscat - 

H E Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Rumhi, the Minister of Oil and Gas has said that Omani media lacks investigative vigour.

“Most stories we read in the newspapers regarding the oil and gas sector are incomplete. Eighty per cent of the stories are wrong. Oman's media needs to mature,” he said during an event organised by The Achievement Centre (TAC), which provides professional development programmes to employees. H E Dr Rumhi was invited to give an inspirational talk to top executives of Oman's oil and gas companies.

During the lecture he said that it is important for people to develop their personality, build upon their character and modify their behaviour to further the transformation Oman is undergoing.

“People are significant to any kind of development, and this makes it important for us to rethink how we behave with others. We need to develop a way to deal with each other. I feel there is lack of appreciation for fellow human beings,” he said.

“I fear that people may behave differently on each given day. For this, we need to learn to handle such people and be trained and prepared to face such situations,” H E Dr Rumhi said.

He further added that people should remain transparent and efficient at work. “Dedication to our work is important and we should not exaggerate our role because no one is bigger than his job.” He also spoke about accountability. “The more things you do, the more questions you will be asked,” he said.

About the country's dependence on oil and gas revenues, H E Dr Rumhi said that there is a need to diversify. “We are not serious about diversifying. If you look at the 2013 budget, we are more dependent on oil and gas than we were in 2012,” he said.

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