OTC students excel in arena of event management

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Four students from Oman Tourism College (OTC) successfully planned for an event, attesting to the college’s reputation for producing well-educated and market ready youth for immediate employment in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Three students majoring in event management and one from the tourism and hospitality department were deputed to Shining and Smile Ltd to plan an event titled ‘Wet Republic Party’.

Dr Abdulkarim al Mughairi, dean, OTC, said, “We have ensured the employability and market relevance of our students by introducing a curriculum that is current and relevant to the industry’s requirements. This event shows that students graduating from OTC are highly efficient and demonstrate astute knowledge of the industry; they are well educated and more than capable of securing jobs in reputed companies in Oman and overseas.”

Shamis al Hashmi, owner of Shining Smile Ltd, which conducted the event, met the students during ‘Meet the Industry Stakeholder’ held in May at OTC and was extremely impressed with the students’ efficient handling of preparation and planning.

He said, “First, I would like to thank OTC for supplying the local market with such bright and efficient youth who are market savvy and professional in carrying out their responsibilities. It shows that they hail from a reputable education background and one that grooms them for a career in hospitality and tourism. We were captured with the students’ go-getting attitude and how they coordinated as a team to pull off this event. We look forward to planning many more with them in the future.”

The four students divided the tasks between them; Azhar and Fatima were in charge of reservations and printing aspects while Laith and Hajer supervised the whole event. The students felt very positive about their experience planning an event in real time and learned a lot in the process. They said, “We are thankful to our college for exposing us to the right learning opportunities and Shining Smile Ltd for giving us the experience. We learned so much through this experience such as how to apply for permission to host events, how to negotiate supplies and to be on our feet when the situation demanded it.

“Thanks to our background from OTC in subjects such marketing, event management and accounting as well as English language, we were able to execute the assignment in a planned and professional manner.”

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