Muscat Municipality looking for investors to fund projects

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The Muscat Municipality is looking for investment to fund its several upcoming development projects, create job opportunities for national cadres and boost income sources.

A coordination meeting was recently held between the municipality and National Investment Fund to discuss investment opportunities for several projects. “The meeting focused on a number of projects to increase income sources of the municipality,” a Muscat Municipality official said.

The most prominent ones discussed at the meeting were the Hawyat Najm tourism project, the Al Khuwayr souq project, development of wholesale fruit and vegetable and used car markets at Al Filaje in Barka, the recreational project at Bausher sands, and the Tivoli amusement park project in Seeb.

The official said that the existing Al Khuwayr souq will be refurbished as part of development plans. “The souq will now have a hotel and offices. The shopping area will be spread over 4,025sq m and new parking and loading facilities over 8,324sq m. The souq will also have restaurants, coffee shops and other facilities spread over 5,003sq m,” he said.

He said that Hawyat Najm tourism project in the wilayat of Quriyat will give a breathtaking view of the Sea of Oman. “The project site is on the main road linking Quriyat and Sur. It will have a tourist resort compromising a number of facilities including a hotel, restaurants, cafés in addition to 67 rooms and 20 luxury sites for housing and recreation. There is also a public park having a series of circular oases with ample shaded areas.”

Another project looking for investment is the one at Bausher sands. “An area of 300,062sq m at Bausher sands will be developed as a park in the first phase. The municipality has prepared a technical and designing study that suits the aesthetic nature of the area and is consistent with its topography.”

In Seeb, another amusement park is being planned. “The Tivoli amusement park will be set up over 200,000sq m and will have a hotel, entertainment games, skill games, restaurants and cafés, a garden and multi-purpose shops,” the municipality official said.

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