Muscat Municipality distributes 1,000 garbage bins for houses

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Muscat Municipality has distributed 1,000 trash bins to homes in Azaiba, Mawaleh and a housing complex in Al Khoudh as part of its plan to do away with existing dumpsters from streets.

From January 1, municipality workers will collect refuse from these houses. Qais al Kishri, director of health affairs at Muscat Municipality, said these green plastic bins will also prevent leakage. “We have begun removing trash containers from streets in these areas after providing a 120lt garbage bin to every home. We will see how the system works and then cover other areas of the city,” he said.

“Municipality workers will collect garbage from houses every morning and transport it to landfill sites. Residents have been asked to leave the bins outside their homes before 5am every day for the garbage to be collected.”

As first reported by Muscat Daily on December 23, this new measure is expected to minimise the adverse effects of garbage disposal in open bins. The new system will ensure a clean city as many of the existing bins normally overflow, thereby polluting the vicinity.

As part of the new system, Kishri said that Saturdays and Tuesdays have been reserved for collecting large-sized waste.

“Large-sized refuse like trees, unwanted furniture and others will be collected on these days. The residents have been informed about these days,” he said. The municipality’s department of health affairs has distributed pamphlets with garbage collection guidelines in houses in these areas. It calls for cooperation in preserving public health and hygiene and maintaining a healthy environment.

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