MoHE approves new set of universities while derecognising some others

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The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), represented by the Recognition and Equivalence Committee, has issued a number of new decisions related to the qualification equivalency and recognition.

Equivalency decisions:

  • Diploma in Applied Electronics from the Dublin Institute of Technology (2016)
  • Bachelor’s in English, Social Science and Social Services from King Faisal University Saudi Arabia.
  • Bachelor’s in Business majoring in marketing from Griffith University (2008)
  • Master’s in Administration from University of Southern Queensland (2013)
  • PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Karpagam University (2017)

Non-equivalency decisions:

  • Master’s in Religions, Cultures and Politics from Ecole Pratique, France (2013)
  • Bachelor’s in Science majoring in construction management from University of Creative Technology, Malaysia (2017)
  • Master’s in Business Management from Help University, Malaysia (2014)
  • Bachelor’s in Engineering from the Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Egypt (2010)
  • Bachelor’s in Social Services from the Higher Institute
  • For Social Services, Egypt (2009)
  • Bachelor’s in Business Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK (2017)
  • Bachelor’s in Business Management University of Madras, India (2014)
  • Bachelor’s in Arts majoring in Translation from the Indonesian Open University, Indonesia (2016)
  • Bachelor’s in Science majoring in Fire and Rescue from Wolverhampton University, UK (2015)
  • Master’s in Fire Scene Investigation from Wolverhampton University, UK (2016)
  • Higher Diploma in IT management from University of Liverpool, UK (2016)
  • Higher National Diploma from the City of Glasgow College
  • PhD in Accounting from the University of Alexandria, Egypt (2011)

Programme accreditation decisions and recognition of higher education institutions:

  • Not accepting the request of completing the study of Master’s in Leadership and Administration at the Coventry University, UK
  • Not accepting the request of completing PhD from the Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia

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