Khoula Hospital restores facial nerve of two year old child

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A specialist team from Khoula Hospital has restored the facial nerve of a two and a half year old boy who was hit with a sharp object at home. It had resulted in a tiny and deep wound near the base of his skull behind the right ear leaving him with paralysis of the muscles in half of his face. 

The injury resulted in a complete cut of the facial nerve, which controls the ability to blink, open and close the eyes, smile, frown, salivation and production of tears. The child’s parents said, “We noticed that the right side of his face was not moving and his right eye was not closing when he cried.”

The skin wound was 5mm long only, but apparently quite deep to cut the facial nerve in a critical area of the boy’s face. A surgical team lead by Dr Sheikhan al Hashmi, a consultant in the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Burn and Craniofacial surgery, performed a microscopic surgery to repair the nerve after protecting important structures in that area.

The boy, who is under regular follow-up in the outpatient clinic, has regained the ability to control his paralysed facial muscles within a five-month period.

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