Joyalukkas awards winner of ‘Think Pink’ cancer campaign

Muscat - 

Joyalukkas has been reinforcing its commitment to build awareness and fight Breast Cancer under their ‘Think Pink’ initiative since October.

This year, as part of the ‘Think Pink’ initiative Joyalukkas awarded contest winner Monika, who spread massive awareness about breast cancer through Facebook. She received the ‘Think Pink Diamond pendant’ from Dr Rajyasree, a specialist surgeon for breast cancer at Barkath AlNoor Clinic in the presence of Joyalukkas officials.

Joyalukkas launched the initiative in 2011, and intends to carry it out every year as one of the key activities under its CSR drive. This initiative at Joyalukkas is a non-profit motive with the single minded objective to educate and inform people about the disease.

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