Jordanian community in Oman to closely follow today's polls

Muscat - 

As many as 13,000 Jordanian expatriates living in Oman will be closely watching the historic parliamentary polls their country will witness on Wednesday.

While they won’t be able to vote, they are taking solace in the fact that Jordan is moving towards being a 'constitutional monarchy'.

H E Miteb al Zaben, Jordan's Ambassador to the sultanate told Muscat Daily “While the election law in principle recognises the right of Jordanians abroad to elect, there are certain mechanisms and means that must be established, implemented and reinforced to enable expatriates meet the necessary procedural requirements of the law such as registration. Hopefully, future amendments will tackle this situation.”

Houssain al Zoubi, head of the Jordanian Social Club in Salalah, told Muscat Daily, “I can speak for most Jordanians in Oman when I say that Jordan is slowly but surely moving towards being a democratic state which can be an example in the region. Of course, there is always room for improvement. For instance, Jordanian expatriates aren't allowed to vote. There are 13,000 Jordanians in Oman, 70,000 in Dubai and  100,000 in Qatar, not to mention the large Jordanian communities in Western Europe and the US. It all adds up to a lot of votes. We love our country and our king, and we will all be closely following the elections on Wednesday.”

Dr Fathi Ahmad al Diabat, head of the Jordanian Social Club in Muscat said, “The Jordanian community in Oman will follow the voting very closely. I think King Abdullah makes every effort to introduce a democratic system in Jordan. We hope to be able to vote here in future elections. Hopefully, the legislation to that effect will soon be passed.”

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