HACCP certification for The Jungle Restaurant

Muscat - 

The Jungle Restaurant is a hotspot in the entertainment-rich area of Qurm, situated next to the Qurm Natural Park. The complex offers three main attractions – The Jungle Restaurant, The Bahja Hall and The Plant shop. The Jungle was recently certified by the HACCP management system.

Customers visiting the restaurant will see live chess as a huge chessboard has been erected for the little revelers.

Walking in further, visitors will hear birds, a waterfall, a peacock and a giant roar. The Jungle, is essentially an engineering project greenhouse where visitors will be welcomed by hundreds of plants that originate from South East Asia to the Amazonian rainforests and introduced by the Al Bahja Group of Companies.

Apart from the peacock, an animatronics dinosaur, orangutan and crocodile, The Jungle also has a moist fog and bursting rain.

The restaurant serves Indian, Arabic, Mexican, Continental, Italian and Iranian cuisines, along with a selection of fresh-fruit mocktails and juice-drinks.

The dessert menu boasts everything from Umm Ali to an amazing ‘fried mars bar’ desert. It has a good balance for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers.

Food can be prepared in accordance to your spice-requirement and is served mild and richly flavoured and layered with nuances that a foodie may not miss. The Jungle has been also hosting several birthday parties since its opening in March.

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