Go-karting track to reopen

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There was a flurry of activity at the Oman Automobile Club (OAC) on Thursday as officials, motorsport enthusiasts and mediapersons gathered for the soft opening of its 916m world-class go-karting track.

Col Jamal al Taie, an OAC board member, stressed that ROP intends to continue supporting sanctioned motorsport activities in the sultanate. “Major projects are underway to revamp OAC and serve the community by providing a safe atmosphere in which to practice motorsports,” he said.

“Twenty-eight new go-karts are on site, awaiting enthusiasts. We will further improve our go-karting track by adding lights, making it possible to race well into the night. We started work on our drift track this morning. Our drag strip will be opened shortly after Ramadan.”

Sharing information about some other OAC projects, Al Taie said, “We will have a specialised technical workshop to provide assistance to owners of high-performance vehicles, and plan to have restaurants and shopping facilities on site.

"We're also considering an indoor shooting range in order to offer the maximum facilities possible to the public.” 

OAC will also organise a four-day workshop from Saturday for motorsport drivers and organisers in the sultanate. It will be held under the supervision of the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) in cooperation with trainers from the Syrian Automobile Club, the British Motorsport Association, and ROP's Traffic Safety institute. It will focus on ways of ensuring the safety of motorsport enthusiasts.

OAC officials also announced plans for acquiring a driving simulator at OAC by year-end to teach youths the importance of safety at an early age. “We will be inviting schoolchildren for driving courses which will familiarise them with street signs, seat-belt usage and proper use of indicators in the hope that they will grow up to be responsible drivers,” Al Taie added.

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