Driving licence fee reduced to RO10 from March 1

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The ROP has said that driving licence fee will be reduced to RO10 from RO20. This will be effective from March 1.

An official in the Directorate General of Traffic said that those getting learner’s licence (both Omanis and expats) will have to pay RO10 as fee. The official said that expatriates will have to pay another RO10 on renewal for two years.

The official added that Omanis will be able to renew their licences for ten years against a payment of RO20.

The ROP last week announced new traffic rules which will come into effect from March 1. Changes introduced include issuing temporary driving licences to new drivers for a year under a probation scheme.

The ROP had said drivers who get more than ten black points on their temporary licences will have to take more driving lessons. Temporary driving licences will be extended by only one year for a new driver who earns more than seven black points in a year.

However, Omani drivers who earn six or less black points during the probation period will get a ten-year licence.

Expats who currently have ten-year driving licences will have to renew them only after the expiry of their currently issued licences.

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