‘Dhofar Municipality ready for Salalah Tourism Festival’

Muscat - 

H E Sheikh Salim bin Ofait al Shanfari, head of Dhofar Municipality and head of the Organising Committee of Salalah Tourism Festival, has said that all preparations for the Salalah Tourism Festival which will be held from June 30 to August 31 are complete.

This year's festival will be held under the theme ‘Oman Prosperity and Development’. He said that new activities this year include the traditional arts and handicrafts festival, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education which will see the participation of 35 countries.

H E Shanfari added that the main festival area, theatre section and some other areas have undergone renovation. He said that there will be separate areas for entertainment, art and cultural activities and food stalls. There will be art exhibitions and seminars too. H E Shanfari added that the festival will have sports events as well as a competition on the memorisation of Q’uran.

He said local lecturers and those from abroad have been invited too. In addition, there will be various exhibitions, local and GCC performances, as well as activities in the wilayats of Taqah, Mirbat and at the Municipality Friends camp in Iteen.

About the efforts of Dhofar Municipality to improve road infrastructure to ensure smooth traffic flow, H E Shanfari said that the municipality is making all efforts to solve traffic congestion near some roundabouts in Salalah in the near future He said that the municipality has implemented projects like the construction of bridges, tunnels and dual carriageways, as well as widening some streets in Salalah to ensure smooth traffic flow.

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