Cisco launches hi-tech business solutions

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Cisco Systems Corporation on Monday launched its latest solutions designed for better collaboration, cutting travel costs and optimal use of an employee’s time. Among the technologies showcased,the significant ones were the TX9000 Series and Webex systems.

Wael Hassan, collaboration sales lead, Cisco, said that many young employees are no more dependent on e-mail, and use social websites and applications on different platforms. “Our studies have shown that most employees will benefit if company policy allowed them to use these devices and applications for work as well.

That means using collaboration technology, and Cisco is number one in the field, both in terms of market share and technology.” Victor Bishay, consultant systems engineer said, “The TX9000 Series is a one-button solution for CEOs.

It seats up to six participants and offers managers the reliability and flexibility to hold HD video conferences with employees. Webex is a cross-platform technology that brings HD video conferences to tablets and cellphones. It gives employees and managers the flexibility to hold video conferences on the desired platform when they are not at their desk.”

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