Car driver in trouble after video goes viral of him splashing water on cyclist

A screen grab of the video

Muscat - 

A number of Omanis have reacted strongly to a video that is going viral on social media platforms. The video shows a car owner splashing water on a cyclist riding through a flooded road.

“The driver has been arrested and legal action will be taken against him,” an ROP official said.

However, it is not yet known what charges the man is being held under and it is not clear what punishments the Traffic Law stipulates.

The video shows the driver accelerating when he reaches near the cyclist. The video does not state in which part of Oman the incident happened.

Many Omanis have commented stating the action is a violation of Omani customs and traditions. Many also ridiculed him for driving without consideration for others.

“This is against the Omani way of behaviour. It is the right thing for ROP to take legal action against the driver. He had no consideration for the person on the bicycle. I thank ROP for arresting the man and hopefully this will be a lesson for the rest of us to behave well on roads,” said Amour al Touqi, an Omani citizen regarding the incident.

Saada al Naamani another citizen said, “It may have happened because the driver did not know that the water would splash on the man. However, if he did it deliberately, legal action should be taken. We have to show respect to everyone in our country.”

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