CCE student invents safety device to detect children left behind on buses

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A Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) student, Abdulaziz al Abri has invented a safety device for school buses that can detect in case a child gets left behind.

The device, that uses motion detectors and weight sensors to detect the presence of a child, can alert up to ten people via SMS and send the location of the bus. It can also be programmed to flash the vehicle’s headlights and honk to attract attention.

AbdulAziz al Abri

Dr Satish Suresh Tanavade, senior lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, CCE, and the project supervisor explained, “Abri has built a working prototype of the system which has been successfully demonstrated to external assessors in our laboratory. This system could, without much modification be installed on buses.”

He said that the device is automatically activated when the engine is turned off. Abri, who joined college in 2014, said, “Every day children go to their schools by bus. Sometimes children fall fast asleep in their school bus, which may lead to them being left behind in the bus and may even cause heatstroke. We all remember that disaster in September 2015 which shocked all Oman when one child was left on a school bus, which prompted me to design a safety system to avoid such tragedies in future. Unfortunately, a similar disaster happened again in October 2016 just before finishing this project, and just last week, a near-miss happened in Salalah. A little girl was found on a bus only because the driver had gone to pick up another group of kids.”

Abri adds that the device is affordable. “I wish to commercialise this system. Our aim is to protect children and I appreciate if anyone can support this. The components of the system cost between RO35 and RO50. I have used a 3D printer to make the module.”

This project was completed with the help of Dr Satish and microelectronics engineer Mustafa al Mandhari, Abri said.

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