Big rise in number of internal and external scholarships

L-R: Mukhtar Mirza, Said Amur al Rahbi, Salim Omar al Hashmi and Kate Clarke, managing director, Ahlam Higher Education (Muscat Daily)

Muscat - 

This academic year, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has substantially increased the number of internal and external scholarships for undergraduates, and has included new countries on its foreign studies list. Said Amur al Rahbi, director of MoHE’s qualifications, equivalence and recognition department said, “The number of external scholarships has been increased from 60 in 2011 to 1,600 now. The internal scholarships have been increased from 8,000 to 28,000.” 

Scholarships for studies in the US have touched 600 this year compared to ten or 20 earlier, he said on Wednesday, speaking on the sidelines of a press conference on EduTraC Oman 2014 to be held in Muscat from September 22 to 24.

“Austria, Ireland, Malta, Turkey and the Netherlands are the new countries that have been added [for external scholarships], and medicine, engineering, IT, law and finance remain the major subjects.”

He further mentioned, “Each year 200 scholarships were given for post-graduation programmes. By October this year, as per the Five Year Plan, 1,000 students would have been covered under these programmes.”

Speaking about EduTraC Oman 2014, Rahbi said that the meet is aimed at higher education training and multi-sector recruitment opportunities. The meet, to be held under the patronage of MoHE and the Ministry of Manpower, will allow students and job seekers to meet recruiters, admission officers, career counsellors and HR personnel.

“EduTraC Oman will contribute not only to national development, but will also help establish important international relations and boost Oman’s higher education sector. The event is an excellent podium for aspiring scholarship and privately funded students looking for suitable academic programmes and campus location.

EduTraC Oman will have a special pavilion dedicated to vocational, technical and occupational training programmes aimed at developing skilled and competent labour force. Visitors will also be able to enroll for training. Salim Omar al Hashmi, CEO, Al Nimr Expo said, “We are thankful to the MoHE and MoM for extending their valuable support which has contributed towards the success of EduTraC Oman 2014 and bringing in valuable participation from local and international institutions.”

Mukhtar Mirza, project director, Al Nimr Expo said, “EduTraC Oman will focus on key areas of education such as general education, higher education, vocational education and professional development with commitment to deliver a holistic approach towards learning.

“A special pavilion for education supplies and technology has also been introduced.”

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