Bank Sohar extends support to Omani Association for Elderly Friends

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Bank Sohar commenced its annual convey for corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives for the year 2017. Through this convey, the bank will continue to support and contribute to a wide range of local charitable associations in addition to the initiatives and events of these associations.

The primary objective of the campaign continues to be in line with the bank’s philanthropy of supporting the largest number of associations, identifying their needs and ensuring to fulfill requirements of the beneficiaries of the associations. The bank’s first contribution was towards the North Sharqiyah branch of the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, which will enable the association to purchase key medical supplies for beneficiaries of the association in North Sharqiyah.

The donation cheque was handed over at Bank Sohar’s head office to Nasser Ahmed al Malki, member, administration of Omani Association for Elderly Friends, by Mazin Mahmood al Raisi, senior AGM and head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar.

Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM of HR and Corporate Support at Bank Sohar, said, “Right from its inception, Bank Sohar has evinced a strong commitment and dedication for helping people and communities in need. Our CSR strategy has been designed to have the widest network, guaranteeing that support reaches a vast number of individuals and charitable associations throughout the country. The Omani Association for Elderly Friends is one of many associations that we are passionate about supporting, and are honoured to do so, as they carry on the noble mission of caring for our country’s senior citizens. It is our hope that our continuous support will further assist them in their goals and make a difference to the society at large.”

Thanking the bank for its support, Hamed Salim al Kindi, chairman of Omani Association for Elderly Friends, said, “We are grateful to have private organisations such as Bank Sohar assist us in our efforts to provide quality care for the country’s senior citizens. We would like to thank the bank for supporting us on numerous occasions and look forward to their continued support.”
Bank Sohar strives to ensure that its contributions are carefully planned and evaluated in order to diversify and reach out to the maximum number of people especially those in most need of it.


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Story title/Headline: Muscat Gujarati Samaj organises Gujarat Day celebrations

Short title /Intro line:

Place: Muscat

Body text: Muscat Gujarati Samaj (MGS), the Gujarati Wing of Indian Social Club, recently organised a culturally melodious evening for all its members to celebrate the occasion of the Gujarat Foundation Day of formation of the state of Gujarat.

In India and abroad, Gujarat Day is traditionally celebrated on May 1 and to mark this momentous occasion, MGS had flown in a famous nine-member musical troupe from Gujarat, comprising lead compere Ankit Trivedi and noted singers Prahar Vora and Nayna Sharma to present a unique Gujarati musical programme titled ‘Snehbhina Sambharna’. The group of performers was led by the versatile and famous compere, Trivedi, who is a noted poet, writer, columnist and winner of Indian National Theatre Award.

This was Trivedi’s sixth visit to Muscat and each time, he has presented a unique performance that has mesmerised the audiences, be it in the field of poetry, music or drama. The voices of Vohra and Nayna left the audience spellbound as they sung songs of many famous Gujarati lyricists like Avinash Vyas, Umashankar Joshi, Ramesh Paresh and Shyam Divetia.

In a musical ode, the group enthralled the audience and took them back on a musical journey capturing the glorious past, celebrating the present and connecting with the musical tastes and flavours across generations. The audience was left spellbound with simple yet soulful musical renditions, which touched all hearts with a wonderful blend of ghazals, bhajans, garbas, festive songs and folklore.

The audience enjoyed the evening thoroughly and returned home humming musical verses.

The occasion of Gujarat Day celebrations was graced by the presence of Kiran Asher, Bakul Mehta, Raju Ved and Arvind Toprani, president of the samaj. These stalwarts from the business community lauded the efforts of MGS towards presenting such delectable cultural events, enthralling the audience and bringing them closer to their cultural and social roots.

MGS also took the opportunity to felicitate two of their outgoing committee members Bakul Sugandhia and Chetan Thakkar. Chandrakant Chothani, convener of the samaj, expressed thanks to one and all for their support in making this event a grand success.

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