Bank Sohar conducts training programme to develop HR capabilities

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As part of its comprehensive strategic human resources development plan, Bank Sohar recently conducted an international certification programme in partnership with Competence HR and Psytech International, global leaders in certifying organisations to conduct various scientific occupational assessments using psychometric tools.

A team of six members from the bank’s HR department participated in the programme which will enable them to conduct occupational assessments for staff from various departments within the bank.

Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM - HR and Corporate Support, said, “As a financial institution founded on excellence, we work to ensure that we establish a strong and capable HR team that can support us in engaging with various human resources activities in the best and most scientific manner. These scientific tools will definitely enhance our talent management life cycle activities to be more effective and streamlined.

“This will reflect in the creation of an advanced strategy in recruitment, training and employee development. The assessments will be done online or electronically as part of the bank’s digitisation strategy.”

The occupational assessment tools aim to support the bank in developing structured programmes for grooming employees with the necessary skillset to take greater responsibilities and roles within the organisation, thereby fulfilling the bank’s business and strategic objectives. The programme was designed to provide candidates with a basic understanding of personality assessments, both in theory and in practice. It also provided practical sessions on how to access a range of assessment tools that will support the HR various interventions.

From the time of its commencement, Bank Sohar has been progressively engaged in enhancing HR capabilities whether in career development or education initiatives that help develop the overall operational efficiencies. The bank is always keen on conducting training programmes and sponsoring young Omanis for further education.

Also, the bank continues to be committed to Omanisation and therefore has achieved 90 per cent Omanisation rate among its workforce. Providing an environment of sound industry knowledge, expertise and experience has always been the bank’s strategy to fulfil the larger objective of bringing innovation and excellence to Oman’s banking sector.

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