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Diabetes once a disease affecting the rich. Now, it has become so common that it can affect just about anybody in any walk of life. There is a phase of approximately five years before being diagnosed with diabetes. It is called prediabetes.

Fasting blood sugar between 5.6 and 6.9mmol/l (100 and 125mg/dl), HbA1C level between 5.7 to 6.4 per cent or a random sugar level between 7.8 to 11mmol/l (140-199mg/dl) is diagnostic of prediabetes.

The people who must be testing for the sugar levels include those who are either overweight or obese, on treatment for either blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, physically inactive, whose parents have diabetes, women who had diabetes while pregnant or who have given birth to large babies (weighing more than 4kg) or those who have a thickened velvety skin rash behind the neck or under the arms.

There is a condition which can affect women called polycystic ovarian disease where ovaries are riddled with water-filled swellings. This is a prediabteic condition. The importance of knowing about prediabetes is high since it can be treated by a healthy lifestyle.
At least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercises a week, at least 10,000 steps a day, eating a balanced diet 1,200 to 1,500kcal a week, cessation of smoking and alcohol are essential.

Overcoming stress levels and getting at least six hours of good quality sleep also help. Without proper care, most of those who are prediabetic get converted to diabetes. The complications on the eyes, kidney, heart, nerves and blood flow can affect those with prediabetes as much as those with diabetes.

Care of diabetic patients includes not just managing the high blood sugar but a multidisciplinary approach. Care includes tight control of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol since diabetes is often combined with these two diseases.

It is also mandatory to have yearly check-ups with kidney specialists, heart specialists, eye specialists, dietary advice and foot care. All these facilities are available at Al Hayat International Hospital. It also offers very attractive packages considering the fact that management of a diabetic patient needs a holistic approach. Annual membership for diabetic care is also offered by Dr Gopakumar Nirmalan.

For appointments, call 97049520 or 94267068.

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