33,980 students admitted in higher education institutions last year

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Figures released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) show that a total of 33,980 students were admitted to higher education institutions last year.

Of these, 13,747 were admitted to government institutions while 20,233 got admissions in private institutions.

Engineering and related programmes were the most in demand among students seeking admissions to government higher education institutions.

According to NCSI data, the demand for admissions in engineering-related programmes touched 30.4 per cent, followed by business administration programmes (19.4 per cent), IT (12.6 per cent), cultural and community (9.1 per cent) and health-related programmes (8.5 per cent).

Statistics also show higher education institutions admitted 1,355 male and 2,333 female social insurance students along with 25 male and 21 female disabled students.

Students in the first university stage reached 113,198 including 55,569 students in government institutions and the rest in private ones. Students in the higher studies stage touched 3,493 including 828 in government institutions.

In total, the percentage of male students studying in Oman was 42.1 per cent against 57.9 per cent for females.

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