15 sentenced for Jalan Bani Bu Ali violence in May

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The Court of Appeal in Sur has pronounced its verdict in the trial of 15 people who were detained for blocking traffic and destroying government property in Jalan Bani Bu Ali on May 8. A statement by the Public Prosecution said on Monday that the 15 were part of the  55 who were accused of vandalism in Jalan Bani Bu Ali.

The events began when representatives from some government bodies  gathered at the wali's office in Jalan Bani Bu Ali on May 4 to approve a list of job seekers. Around 150 persons gathered outside the wali's office on May 8.

Once the names of the applicants who would get jobs were made public, some in the crowd headed to the offices of the Ministry of Housing, the primary court, the wali’s office and Khimji’s store where they damaged vehicles and vandalised furniture. At 3pm, a new group gathered in front of the offices blocking the road and throwing stones at passers by.  

Those sentenced by the court include Jassim bin Mohammed al Alawi and Mohammed bin Khamis al Jaafari. They were sentenced to six months in jail as were Hamad bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Kasbi and Othman bin Said bin Saleh al Sunaidi for looting.

Othman Sunaidi has also been fined RO50 for driving a vehicle without a licence. Ali bin Saleh bin Said al Jaafari was sentenced to a year in jail for preventing authorities from carrying out their duties.

Rashid bin Khamis al Kasbi, Hamid bin Saleh bin Hamid al Hamidi, Mansour bin Ali bin Mohammed al Kasbi and Sabah bin Salim bin Said al Junaibi were sentenced to one month in jail and fined RO50 for disrupting traffic movement and resisting arrest.

Mohammed bin Rashid bin Mohammed al Sunaidi was sentenced to six months in jail and fined RO100 for sabotage of public institutions.

The court also sentenced Zayed bin Hamad bin Mohammed al Sunaidi, Saleh bin Juma bin Hamad Aghannbossi, Khalid bin Mohammed bin Abdullah al Saadi and Juma bin Rashid bin Sultan Sunaidi for three months in jail and fines of RO100 each for sending messages contrary to public order and morality.

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