Tea, scones & flowering Jasmine

Tea is a very versatile beverage that can be served at any occasion and accompany any given conversation. In the event of an afternoon tea - which originates from the British tradition of serving a treat of sandwiches, scones and cake - this versatility can be an advantage at power-meetings, social events or just a cosy gathering of friends and companions. 

The newly opened Tea Library at Sheraton Oman Hotel provides an elegant ambience for such afternoon teas, with a wide range of tea selections.

“We believe tea is much more than just a refined beverage to enjoy; it brings people together,” said Jean-Marc Provis, general manager, Sheraton Oman Hotel.


Apart from exotic collection of teas, the opulently lit Library is a place where much attention has been paid to details. From the cutlery to the tea cups, there’s an element of finesse and taste.

“The design of the Library has been curated as a beautiful tearoom with a wider restaurant offering. There are touches of Chinese, French, British and Italian influence throughout the décor, with a wall of tea, banquette seating and a mosaic-tiled floor, somewhat reminiscent of the Art Deco era,” said Sultan al Kharusi, managing director of the Al Hashar Group that owns the hotel.


The tea sommelier Neli, takes one through the etiquettes of tea tasting as she lists out the largest collection of white tea that the Library boasts of.

One of the most relaxing sights to witness here, is to watch flowering teas bloom in a pot of hot water. As the blooming tea infuses its colour into the water, the aroma and spectacle is a sheer reflection of artwork in a pot.  


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