Still art of a different kind

It’s not an easy job - to just stand there and let people test your patience in all ways they can, and if you do not react, check if you are real.

We are talking about the human statues at Amerat Park, who are attracting curious children – including some naughty ones – and adults and bringing smiles to their faces. Most visitors like having their pictures clicked with them, while some just stand at a distance observing people’s interaction with these live statues.

“I enjoy watching children’s reaction. The thoughtful ones are wary. They ponder if these people are real statues and keep looking at them. The naughty ones try to annoy the performer, taking it as a challenge to make him move, even if it’s a wee bit,” said Tariq al Balushi, a father of three.

The performers’ dauntlessness amazes people. “I wonder how they can remain motionless for so long. I cannot stay still for more than a couple of minutes.  Me and my friends try doing this while on trips. All of us take turns being a statue while others try all they can to make us move by tickling or pouring water. It’s difficult not to react,” said 16 year old Saleem al Kharusi.

Zainab al Lawati, at the venue with her two children, said these performers are different from the guards she saw in London. “The ones here interact using their eyes. The scene at home gets funny when the children try being human statues. I never miss capturing these lovely childhood moments on camera.”

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