Steak Rules

The wood-crafted interiors of Asado Steakhosue at Sheraton

Asado Steakhouse at Sheraton Oman Hotel is gaining quick reputation in quality offerings of South American steaks. The ambience of the elegantly lit wood-crafted restaurant is as enticing as the aroma of their charcoal butter on a beefsteak. Apart from the quality of the meat, there are finer details -such as the temperature of the grill or allowing the meat to rest for a minute of two before serving - that enhances the taste of your steak.

Chef Adil Shaikh, shares five of the most essential steak house rules in producing mouth-watering fare from the smoky kitchens of Asado.


Quality  meat

Opt for good Quality meat

“Always go for good quality meat, since that is the foremost requirement. While buying  raw steak, see that it’s fresh and red. The fat on it should also be very fresh and white in colour. At Asado Steakhouse, we use the best available steak meat in the market, like John Stone beef, Wagyu 7 and we also export meat from Argentina since it is a South American themed Restaurant.”


cooking techniquesBeef Cheeks

The 48-hour slow-cooked signature beef cheek

Cooking techniques

“The speciality at Asado is the 48-hour slow-cooked beef ribs. It’s a very slow process of cooking where we take a nice natural piece of beef seared with salt and pepper and some fresh thyme and add it into a vegetable broth made from carrots, onions, leek and garlic. And we let it cook. It’s very soft and it melts in your mouth like butter. Again there are many ways to make a good steak, the cooking techniques depend on what guest prefers to eat and how they like their meat done. Some guests prefer a blue steak (very rare), which we normally prepare on a pan by searing it quickly. If not, grilling a steak is the next best option.”



Grill it the right way

“If people want medium rare steaks then I prefer to use a charcoal griller – it gives a good smoky flavour to the meat. Personally, I prefer a medium steak as you can enjoy the juiciness of the meat. Also an important thing to remember before grilling your meat - make sure it’s at room temperature. It should never come straight from the fridge to the grill. To grill the beef in a right way, the grill should be very hot. If it’s not hot the beef loses its flavour. The heat helps the fat to get absorbed and maintains the juiciness of the meat. You can leave the meat on a hot grill for 80 seconds before you flip it over. Also, the steak should be well seasoned for it to catch good flavour.



Seasoning: Keep it simple

“The most important thing to remember while seasoning a steak: Keep the natural flavour of the meat. Do not overpower it with seasoning and spices. I prefer to use some good salt like Himalayan salt or kosher salt and some crushed black pepper. Then of course, if customers want to go in for something more, there’s cajun seasoning and peri peri. Asado Steakhouse has a special butter called charcoal butter, which is a personal favourite. We add a piece of this charcoal butter onto the steak to give it a nice smoky flavour.”



Serving Matters

“Never serve a steak directly from the grill. Make sure it is rested atleast for a minute or two before it goes onto the serving plate. Also, we prefer to keep the steak unsliced for the guests to slice it, as slicing the steak drains the juice onto the plate. But if we’re serving a big piece of steak like a tomahawk, the chefs opt for live carving and slice it for the guests at the table itself. The best combinations to go along with the steak would be mashed potatoes, green beans and maybe a sauce called natural juice, which is simmered marrow broth.”

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