Recycling campaign gets boost in Sohar

Three institutions in Sohar have collected more than six tonnes of waste paper as part of Muscat Daily’s recycling campaign. These institutions have also taken a lead in using technology to reduce consumption of paper in day-to-day activities.

Indian School Sohar


Sanjeeta Varma, principal of Indian School Sohar said the school has taken a lead in promoting the paper recycling cause. “Our first attempt at paper collecting has been a great success. We collected much more than our target. The children are active participants of this campaign. They’ve become messengers, creating awareness at home and encouraging their parents, too to participate in this cause,” she said. “To boost the recycling campaign, we have stopped issuing printed circulars to children and have opted for SMSes and posting updates on our website.”

Al Batinah International School


Jose Hampton, a teacher at Al Batinah International School, led its recycling campaign. “We are a relatively small school but with the help of our 160 students, we’ve managed to collect 12 large boxes of waste paper,” she said.

Jose said that the children have responded really well to the campaign and are doing lots of things to protect the environment in their own way. “In order to cut down on our paper usage, we use a method called one-on-one iPad to teach students. This alone reduces paper consumption by 30 to 50 per cent. Till now, we were only collecting batteries and paper, but are planning to start a full-scale recycling programme that will also include plastics and aluminium.”

Sohar University


Toni Roche, elementary co-coordinator, general foundation program, Sohar University, said that with the help of faculty and students, paper consumption at the varsity has come down considerably. “We collect papers from classrooms. These then go to a central location to be picked up by Muscat Daily vans. In classrooms, we use USB drives and projectors to minimise the amount of paper used. We also try to keep photocopying to a minimum.”

She said that the faculty has been very active in promoting the paper recycling campaign, but in future the student affairs coordinator will be handling paper collection.


The Muscat Daily Paper Recycling Campaign is the first country-wide sustained recycling campaign in Oman. It was started in 2011 as a CSR initiative by Muscat Daily. Since most people were used to dumping used paper into garbage bins without any possibility of recycling, the Muscat Daily team started a recycling campaign targeting households, corporates and educational institutions. Educational institutions across Muscat and Batinah as well as many companies like Abraj Energy services, Aramex, Gulf Agency Company, Dawood Construction Company, Jotun Paints and OIFC have tied up with Muscat Daily to sponsor paper collection bins.

Corporates or educational institutions who are interested in joining the paper recycling drive can call on 99824027 or e-mail / for further details.

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