Purple Palate

The Ricco Morso with thin cuts of sweet potatoes and tenderloin strips

Aubergine lovers can head straight to Qurm, where the Italians’ love for this purple vegetable can be tasted in almost every dish. And that’s at Melenzané restaurant.

With a tint of purple visible in the ambience and décor, the very name of the restaurant -  Melenzané - means aubergine (also eggplant) in Italian.



The restaurant exhibits an old-world charm with rustic, industrial era-themed interiors. It also has a fascinating ‘upside-down’ concept. Here, inverted dining tables hang from the ceiling while overturned purple leather chairs await guests in the seating area. The service is smooth and tech-savvy as tablets replace the traditional menu cards - the advantage being that it becomes easy to see the food before ordering it.

Melenzane 2

Gambotti salad with shrimps


Inspired by Sicilian flavours, the food has a distinct taste of the southern Italian region along with a cultural fusion. Apart from the signature dishes, the restaurant also serves a wide range dishes with a twist of Omani and global flavours.

Melenzane 3

Raguschetta beef patty with aubergines


Be it the mini burger shaped Raguschetta which consists of beef patty with aubergines, the Ricco Morso made of fried sweet potatoes with steak, the Palermo risotto enriched with artichokes and a creamy lemon sauce, or the signature Melenzané pasta with aubergines in it, the food stays on your mind for a long, long time.

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