Maximalism vs minimalism

If you watched the evergreen chick-flickish TV show Gossip Girl, you’ll remember this fashionable flying kick of a quote by the uber-stylish Blair Waldorf, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are who we’d like to be.” This certainly resonates with me since that’s pretty much my mantra about fashion: Maximalism is the holy grail. Here’s my plea in the case of maximalism.


As a maximalist I embrace the term ‘more is more’, in contrast to the minimalist motto of ‘less is more.’ Whenever I’m shopping/styling my outfits, I try to create an outfit that makes a statement. Yes, most minimalist dressers probably think I’m trying too hard since I’m breaking Coco Chanel’s fashion tip to remove the last thing you add to your look. In contrast, I take a step back, take a long look in the mirror, and probably add three more things!

Sure, I’m a big proponent of dressing the way you like. If plain shirts and denims do the trick for you, go for it. But to me, that’s an incomplete outfit – stack a few bracelets, add an embroidered waistcoat, maybe some embellished flats. I’m even incapable of leaving a plain denim dress alone: I very excitedly added an embroidered patch to it – and personally, I think that added a whole new dimension to the dress.

Self expression

Tassels, sequins, embroidery and embellishments are some of the key features I look for in a dress. Moving on from a pared-back style, neutral tones and simple silhouettes, the trend towards ruffles, eye-catching embroidery and statement sleeves has taken over the runaway.  Gucci has no doubt facilitated the ushering in of this era, while Dolce and Gabbana and at times, Valentino, have aided this process. Let’s not forget Balmain’s luxe baroque-inspired designs that elevated the idea of statement style to the stratosphere.


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