Joy in a bubble

It is always a challenge for parents to keep their children engaged in creative and fun activities. At Amerat Park, there are enough entertainment options for children who are not keen to visit the Heritage Village or other festival attractions.

Among several entertainment options on offer, the most sought-after is the one called ‘Big Bubble’ joy ride.

It’s a big plastic transparent round air bag that floats on a pool. Children aged 12 years and below are allowed to enjoy the ride for 15 minutes.

Mohammad al Harthy, a parent of two children, said, “I love Muscat Festival as it offers several traditional attractions. However, it is not always easy to explain the importance of traditional dances or the art of halwa making to my children. But after a ‘Big Bubble’ joy ride, they look very satisfied. They follow instructions carefully and with lots of patience.”

He said that children should never be forced to learn. “They should be allowed to have fun and learn at their own pace.”

Jasmine D’Suza, an Indian homemaker, said, “It is a great idea to have cultural attractions and entertainment for children at the same venue.

“This combo package helps both the children and parents. “There have been several occasions when I had to stop my cultural explorations midway as my children were getting bored. But with this ride, they remain engaged and entertained, which gave my husband and me time to look around as well.”

Each joy ride costs 500bz and there are attendants to keep an eye on children. Children can also jump or roll over inside the balls.

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