Flyboarding gains summer momentum in Muscat

Entrepreneur Qusay Said is offering a new form of water entertainment for Muscat residents this summer: Flyboarding.

In this game, people hover up to 10m above the water on a board attached to a jet ski.

A tube is attached to the jet ski, using pressure to force the person in to the air.

An average person only spends a few minutes at a time in the air before coming back down and then going back up again. But experts can stay up continuously, Said said.


“It depends on the person, how they control themselves,” Said said.

He said it’s meant to be a new type of fun water activity for people.

Said said users only need about five minutes of training, and safety mechanisms are in place such as helmets.
It costs RO25 for half an hour, and there are also group packages, he said.

Bookings are mostly designed for the weekends, but special arrangements can be made for the weekdays, he said.

Said first saw flyboarding while in Malaysia and then decided to bring it to Oman. He opened his company, Water Sport at Almouj only in May.

But he said he has already received good demand.


“It’s something new, no one has it here, and people like it,” he said.

Flyboarding was invented only a few years ago by a Frenchman, Frank Zapata but is now starting to spread.

Said wants to expand the business in Oman and even introduce other activities in the future such as banana boats.

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