Chic Italian style meets African boldness

Greta Tulipani, an emerging Italian brand that infuses chic Italian style with bold African prints, is making a mark in the Oman market.

The brainchild of two fashion-forward and fusion-loving entrepreneurs, Greta Tulipani focuses on the bold and vibrant patterns and designs unique to African culture and tradition. All of Greta Tulipani’s designs are inspired by the roots of African culture and lifestyle and aesthetically transformed into bespoke fashion pieces with Italian cuts and curves that any modern woman would love to wear. The brand offers a boutique of fashion wear that includes skirts, dresses, t-shirts, shoes, beach accessories, bags and much more.

In recent times, Oman has been making a splash in the fashion circle-; locally and internationally. With more young Omanis becoming fashion forward and fashion conscious, Oman is gaining its place as a fashion spot to watch out for. And Greta Tulipani has not failed to notice the untapped potential of this beautiful country and thus, made it their Middle Eastern hub.


Launching the brand at a fashion show in 2016 in Muscat, Greta Tulipani made a ground breaking entry in the Sultanate. While launching the brand, Greta Tulipani ensured it understood the Omani lifestyle and absorbed the local culture and tradition. Fans and customers will notice that the brand’s creations are a fusion of distinctive Omani urbanity in form and Italian style in design. With it’s bold colors, prints and geometric patterns, no doubt the brand instantly caught the eye of the local fashionistas.


The brand is keen to integrate with locals by learning more and delving deep into not just the fashion aspect of the Sultanate, but also integrate with local tastes and customs of Omani people so that Greta Tulipani’s creations are integral to Oman’s fashion scenario.

Valeria Cepi, Greta Tulipani’s co-founder and representative for the Middle East said, “ Our CEO, Emanuela Mura who is the founder, stylist and the first creative designer and me, have great passion for fashion, one of the inspirations to start Greta Tulipani. We wanted it to be unique and different from what is out there, present something that will make the wearer standout and make heads turn. When we came across the African fashion, which was so bright and bold with a distinct pattern, we jumped upon the idea of combining the Italian design with the African patterns. Oman will be another step up to improve our creation as an inspiring country in every way. That’s one of the reasons we choose Oman as our Middle East platform. We aim to create pieces that the modern day Omani woman can wear, because it is her culture and her modernity.”

After establishing itself as a vogue brand in the Europe, Greta Tulipani has expanded into Africa including Cape Verde and Morocco. In further exploring new markets and audience, the brand has set it’s eye to, ‘grow and travel all over the Middle East and the Gulf to present it’s original and exclusive styles.’

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