A feast for the senses

What used to be a vacant terrace atop Al Nahda Towers in Ghala is now a fine dining restaurant with a 360° concept, said to be new to the region.

The entrance to the building belies what lies ahead. The elevator opens to the circular restaurant - hence the name 360° - which has a superbly elegant ambience. Guests can select the area they wish to dine in using the degree markings  like in a mariner’s compass, on the floor.

The restaurant has the capacity to seat over 200 guests and offers everything from healthy breakfasts and lunches to intimate dinners.   

Talking about the concept and 360°’s entry into an already flourishing hospitality industry, Kishore Singh, head of hospitality and retail of the restaurant says, “The concept of a circular restaurant is original – something new in town and the region. Directions and measurement markings on the floor help guests to spot their tables.

“The Upper Crust section at 90° is for guests looking for exclusivity. It is expensive than the other sections. The speciality of the section, which can accommodate a maximum of 30 people, lies in elegant hospitality and the use of light-weight titanium cutlery.”

Singh has previously been a manager at Al Nahda Resorts and was involved in opening of The Jungle restaurant.

At 360°, Singh, along with George Mathew, general manager and business partner of Hussain Fadhil and Partners, has given a new dimension to hospitality.

Singh and Thomas Mathew,  deputy general manager of 360°, travelled around the  world and worked closely to give the restaurant its look and cuisine.

It is through them that Hussain Fadhil, managing director of Hussain Fadhil and Partners, has been able to finally  accomplished his dream of venturing into the hospitality business.  “This restaurant marks our entry into the hospitality industry and we plan to take our services to a higher level,” says  Fadhil. 

Those wanting an intimate dining experience with friends or family can make a booking at 360°’s Silver Service section, which has a more private setting. The Teppanyaki and Sushi station can seat 12 guests and this is the place where Chef Allan gets his guests hooked with great food and the way he cooks it.

A narrow passageway leads to the Hydro Lounge, a refreshing outdoor seating area from where one can view the ocean.  As one enjoys the fresh breeze while seated on the couches,  soothing beverages and sheesha become good accompaniments for a relaxed evening.

At 360°, corporates can find well-equipped conference facility that can hold meetings, conferences and private functions. “It’s not just about creating the perfect fine dining experience, but also sustaining it. We use the best ingredients for our diverse menu. Fresh beef is sourced from the US every week and so is salmon from Norway; cheese is flown in from Holland and pasta and sauces come from Italy.

We also rely on local produce like seafood and herbs. Banana, coconut, lettuce, hammour are sourced from Salalah,” said Shailendra Johri, deputy chef, 360°.

“Sushi items, along with the rice, are brought in from Japan. Some of our outstanding dishes are those of caviar, flying fish, crabs and shrimp martini.

“Chefs from Lebanon, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines bring diversity to our menu,” says Johri. The restaurant currently has 15 chefs and Johri says there are plans to bring in more. 

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