Topaz CEO named Offshore Leader of the Year by OSJ

Dubai - 

René Kofod-Olsen, CEO of Topaz Energy and Marine, a subsidiary of Renaissance Services, has been named ‘Offshore Leader of the Year’ by leading trade publication Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) at the Annual OSJ Conference and Awards in London.

The event brings together international oil and gas companies and the offshore support industry, to discuss future challenges and opportunities, in a sector hit hard by the prolonged oil crisis but that is showing signs of recovery.

Under Kofod-Olsen’s stewardship, Topaz has weathered the storm better than most. Having successfully refinanced the business in 2012, the company has gone on to secure several significant long-term contracts with majors, maintaining an industry leading backlog of US$1.5bn with a strong safety record.

Such accomplishments have led the OSJ to present the CEO with one of their top awards, which recognises market performance, commitment to excellence and trend setting, as well as leadership in driving strategy and an inspiring vision.

In a press release, Kofod-Olsen said, “It’s an honour to receive this award, which is recognition for what Topaz has achieved in an increasingly complex environment. During the downturn we took the opportunity to re-model the business - taking out inefficiencies and building its capital - yet not losing sight of how we deliver the greatest value to clients.”

He added, “We’ve continued to invest in our fleet and to empower our offshore organisation to meet the changing demands of our longer-term contracts. We remained bold enough to propose smart solutions for our clients; and not just the standard service offerings to win business.”

Kofod-Olsen said, “The downturn has had a profound impact and corporate strategies have been adjusted to preserve cash. But it’s important to not lose sight of what makes your company unique.”

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