Oman Blockchain Club to hold seminar in Sohar today

Muscat - 

In an effort to raise awareness and promote its activities, Oman Blockchain Club is holding a gathering at the Sohar University today.

A myriad of government and private sector investment and blockchain specialists are expected to attend the seminar. The event aims to introduce the club’s future programmes and to establish a network of knowledge and expertise among those interested in the technology of blockchain in Oman, a press release said.

The gathering programme will feature various prominent keynote speakers who will present their visions and set out the agenda for future blockchain business in Oman. Among the main speakers is Bobby Bhatia, founder and CEO of TrakInvest. He will give an overview of his company’s progress in the blockchain technology and potential business and career opportunities in the field.

TrakInvest, the world’s first virtual social trading platform for equities and cryptocurrencies, is powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. The company has been successfully operating across Asia for more than three years. It has now moved to blockchain and launched its own virtual currency.

The event will also host other distinguished guests, such as Dr Khalid al Tahhan, CEO of Blockchain Solutions & Services Oman, and Talib Alabri, head of Oman Blockchain Club’s awareness committee to announce the launch of the club website.

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