GPS wins water-network contract for Dakhiliyah

Muscat - 

Gulf Petrochemical Services and Trading (GPS) has been awarded a RO33.8mn contract for the construction of water-distribution networks in the governorate of Dakhiliyah by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW).

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Alex Valloor, business development manager at GPS, said that the project includes construction of a water-distribution network to cover Bisya, Al Habi, Al Ma'amour and ten surrounding villages in Dakhiliyah.

He said, This project will provide potable water to present developments and new developments in Dakhiliyah region. The project is divided into five zones with different types of water-supply pipelines.

Valloor said that the water-distribution network will comprise approximately 90km of main pipelines and nearly 600km of supply pipelines.

The contract also includes the construction of a few tanker filling stations and groundwater services. The project was kick started last week and the completion target is nearly two years, he added.

GPS has carried out similar water-supply network projects in the past, including one in Duqm.

In September, GPS was awarded a RO30mn contract by PAEW for the construction of a water-transmission pipeline from the Ghubra water desalination plant to the Muscat water reservoir.

GPS also secured recently a RO22.4mn contract for expansion of the Salalah waste-water network.

Work on the Ghubra water- transmission pipeline as well as the Salalah waste-water network has already started, Valloor added.

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